Support for Brent From Someone Who Knows

Support for Brent From Someone Who Knows

For some, the sight of Josh Brent standing on the sidelines was just too much to bear. Barely eight days had passed since he had been jailed on intoxication manslaughter charges for the vehicular accident that killed Jerry Brown, his Dallas Cowboys teammate, and now there Brent stood in his official team sweats, smiling slightly amidst the giddy excitement of a playoff race.

Didn't matter that Brent had come to this sideline reluctantly, only after his teammates requested his presence and — most importantly — Brown's mother, Stacey Jackson, gave her blessing. It still seemed such the wrong message to send, grumbled more than a few, and by the next day both the NFL and the Cowboys agreed.

Brent won't be back on the sidelines this season.

For one person, the emotions stirred in a visceral way few of us can understand. Dwayne Goodrich, the former Cowboys cornerback who served six years in prison for charges related to a car accident that left two men dead and another injured, doesn't need fresh reminders that awful choices tend to produce devastating consequences.

He lives with the ruinous fallout caused by his own actions every second of every day.

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