End of College Football as We Know It?

End of College Football as We Know It?

Since the most cracked pots among us believe the world will end sometime on Dec. 21, let's take a moment to examine a conclusion of an era that seems far more likely: the end of college football as we know it. Forces have aligned that seem to portend doom. Let us count the ways...

• On the topic of the danger of football, the following passage appeared in The New York Times: "Public sentiment is yearly growing stronger against the brutality of the game, he declared, and the death of a man in order to win a game will result sooner or later in universal condemnation of it as part of college athletics."

• On realignment, the head of the American Football Coaches Association said this: "It's like we had this herd of cattle going toward the cliff. We tried to head them off, but none of us were able to do it."

• On the sudden departure of schools to another conference, a university chancellor said this: "I want to emphasize that this is not a normal case of member withdrawal from an athletic conference. This is a case that involves broken commitments, secret dealings, breaches of fiduciary responsibility, the misappropriations of conference opportunities and predatory attempts to eliminate competition."

• On television's outsize influence in college football, the NCAA president said this: "A small number of television networks now can manipulate the college football market the way they wish."


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