In Coaching Searches, Alvarez Rules Roost

In Coaching Searches, Alvarez Rules Roost

Barry Alvarez had me at goodbye.

Bret Bielema's goodbye.

Wisconsin's 65-year-old athletic director had things under control before Bielema could transfer his 401(k) account to Arkansas. Alvarez said he had a coach's rep (agent) in his New York hotel room "five minutes" after he got the word from Bielema.

"I don't use a search committee," Alvarez said. "Most search committees use me."

Any questions, chumps? The man is known far and wide as a power broker's power broker. Not even a little thing like his hand-picked successor leaving unannounced could faze this guy. In college athletics' searches, Alvarez would make Michael Corleone cower.

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