Offseason HRs Don't Always Equal Success

Offseason HRs Don't Always Equal Success

You know what's really annoying about this time of the year? OK, it may not be the most annoying thing. Nothing compares to people who put those giant fake reindeer antlers on their cars.


Still, right behind fake reindeer antlers on cars is how some columnists and talk-show hosts decide it's time to whine that the local baseball team hasn't done enough to improve itself.


Or they point out that the local team hasn't been as busy as another team in the division, implying that the road to ruin has been paved.


This is silly talk. This is the column you write when you don't have anything else to write. It's a good one, too, because fans love screaming that the owner is cheap and the general manager stupid.


I haven't been above this kind of thing myself a few times. Come to think of it, I still owe Ed Wade a box of chocolates for some of the things I wrote during his days in charge of the Astros.


Here's why it's silly. Rosters are complex, fragile things. Sometimes teams accomplish more than they seem capable of.


Winning is about having talent, but it's also about having a manager who sets the right tone and players who understand the game isn't really complicated. It's about making pitches and playing defense, about playing hard every inning and competing.

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