Paraglider Marks 'End of World' With Record

Paraglider Marks 'End of World' With Record

The infinity tumble is said to be the most difficult move in all of paragliding, an acrobatic somersault in which the guy crazy enough to do it experiences six times the force of gravity. Doing it once is impressive.


Horacio Llorens did it 568 times. In a row.

The four-time aerobatic paragliding world champ completed 568 loops after jumping from 19,700 feet today, a leap the Spaniard made to celebrate the end of the world. Well, the Mayan prediction of the end of the world, anyway. It is fitting, then, that Llorens made the jump in Guatemala.


“I wanted to take the chance to achieve this feat to mark such a special day and thus recover the world record I had in 2009,” Llorens said in a statement from his sponsor, Red Bull.


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