'Immaculate Reception' Still Haunts Raiders


In the minutes before the insanity, the teenager alone in the Davis home in Piedmont had lost his sanity. The game was over, his beloved Raiders had won, and he was sprinting about the house yelling and screaming and bouncing on the furniture.

Exactly 40 years later, Mark Davis is the team's managing general partner and his childhood memory remains. He vividly recalls how those moments of unrestrained joy turned to overwhelming sorrow somehow quickly and slowly at once.

"I went absolutely berserk," he says. "I went from room to room, jumping on the beds, jumping on the couch.

"Then I came back down to watch, you know, the end of it. And all of a sudden ... it was like sudden death."

It certainly was for the Raiders' 1972 season. They had been buried by...

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