Boise State's Best Bet? Stay Out of Big East

Boise State's Best Bet? Stay Out of Big East

Boise State just finished its season at the Las Vegas Bowl, but the work is far from complete for the Bronco football program.


After all, the school has to decide which conference the Broncos will play for in 2013.


Originally, Boise State planned to move to the Big East for the 2013-14 season, a switch designed to spur the Broncos to new heights, specifically a potential automatic BCS bowl bid. 


However, it seems the Boise State brass is having second thoughts. According to an ESPN report, the Broncos are considering staying in the Mountain West instead of making the switch to the Big East, a conference marred by issues.


And that's putting it lightly.


The Big East is slowly breaking apart as its teams are pillaged by bigger conferences. In 2013, the Big East was scheduled to feature 12 teams separated into an East and West division, with teams from each main U.S. time zone partaking in the collaboration.

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