ESPN's 'Black Barbershop' Dumbing Down

ESPN's 'Black Barbershop' Dumbing Down

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First Take's Rob Parker apologized for his controversial RG3 comments, and now ESPN has suspended the personality for 30 days.

Put on your thinking caps and open your minds as I try to explain to you how the corruptive forces of America’s illicit drug war and mass incarceration can be seen in ESPN’s morning debate festival First Take.


The show has been in the news the past week because its part-time clown, Rob Parker, gleefully swallowed Skip Bayless’ bait and discussed Robert Griffin III’s “blackness” in the most racist way possible. Among other things, Parker insinuated RG3 was a “cornball” brother not “down for the cause” because he’s engaged to a white woman and there are rumors Griffin is a Republican. To the delight and entertainment of his puppeteer (Bayless), Parker did this on national TV.


ESPN was originally so pleased with the segment that it re-ran it during its daily 30-minute best-of show. The Worldwide Leader did not recognize the inappropriateness and unfairness of Parker’s commentary until the blogosphere and social media exploded with an angry backlash. Within 24 hours, Parker was suspended indefinitely. Six days later, Parker apologized for his stupidity and racism. And on the seventh day, ESPN announced Parker’s indefinite suspension would last 30 days and First Take would receive additional editorial oversight.


What took so long? And why the wrist slaps for something this grossly unfair?

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