LeBron Sees Self as Well-Rounded Kind of Guy

LeBron Sees Self as Well-Rounded Kind of Guy

MIAMI -- So, what's more impressive to LeBron James?


He has scored at least 20 points in each of his first 23 games this season. He's the first player to do that since Karl Malone in 1989. Not bad. But then there's this: James hasn't been whistled for a foul in five straight games.


He was called for an offensive foul in the first quarter against New Orleans two weeks ago, but not a whistle since. That's a span of 212 minutes and change.


So which streak is James more proud of?


"The foul thing is more impressive to me," James said at Saturday's shootaround ahead of the Heat's matchup against the Utah Jazz. "I don't care about scoring as much."


James is averaging a career-low 18.2 field goal attempts per game this season and he admitted that he sometimes wonders what it'd be like to have 20 or 25 shots per game like some other superstars have taken over the years.


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