Reid, McNabb Were a Perfect Match

Reid, McNabb Were a Perfect Match

We're still more than three months away from the three-year anniversary of the trade that ended Donovan McNabb's reign in Philadelphia. Somehow, it seems longer ago than that.


I remember talking with someone back then who had worked closely with both McNabb and Andy Reid. He wondered which man would prosper without the other - whether we would conclude one day that it was McNabb who'd made Reid look good, or Reid who'd made McNabb look good.


Here at the end of 2012, with


Reid counting the days to dismissal and McNabb retired after flopping in Washington and Minnesota, I would have to say it's a tie. (Donovan pun intended. See footnotes section under "aftermath of 2008 Bengals game.")


Neither man has experienced any sustained success without the other. McNabb never got through a season as a starter after leaving here. Reid hasn't won a playoff game since the day Donovan picked up the phone on the Giants' sideline, 4 years ago next month.

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