Sad, But True: Mets Look Pretty Good

Sad, But True: Mets Look Pretty Good

Unless you're one of those people who get bitterly outraged when sports teams spend money on players rather than taking it as profit, you have to love the Los Angeles Dodgers. Before they started burning cash like an incredibly drunk young man who just came into an incredibly large inheritance, all discussion of ruthless spending in American sports was bounded by the boring old Yankees. The rise of the Dodgers marks our entrance onto the global stage, with a team just as ridiculous as Europe's gaudiest soccer clubs.


You don't have to love the Mets, and right now almost no one does. Whether it's because they're miserly or destitute, or some unfortunate combination of the two, they're as fun as a salted turnip.

This year, the Dodgers picked up Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Hanley Ramirez, who have made the All-Star team 11 times between them. The Mets are the only team in baseball who have yet to sign a major league free agent this off-season.


The great bit, though, is this: For all the money and all the names, the Dodgers don't have all that much better a lineup than the Mets. It is better, of course, as it should be, since at a touch under $100 million it costs about four times as much.

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