Del Negro Has Dad to Thank for Success

Del Negro Has Dad to Thank for Success

As homemade gifts go this holiday season, does it get better than this?


"I never, never, ever said this in front of my son before," says Vin Del Negro, his boy Vinny sitting beside him.


"I'm very proud of my son."

It's a few hours before the Clippers will win a record-setting 12th-straight game on his son's watch, and old school is in session.


Vincent Augustine Del Negro names his middle child Vincent Joseph because "there's only one Vincent Augustine," he says. And amen to that.


Vin is now 76, married to Peg for 53 years, and much more easygoing today, he proclaims. And ready to smack anyone who disagrees.


He's explaining a life lived caring but never, never, ever letting on. The bleeps that punctuate his wonderful storytelling are better left unwritten here.


While Vinny doesn't always remember his dad being there, when he's a sixth-grader playing basketball against eighth-graders, his dad sneaks into the back of the gym.

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