For Patriots, Win Over Jaguars Still a Loser

For Patriots, Win Over Jaguars Still a Loser

ACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Terrible. Horrible. Out-competed.


Those are not words normally used to describe a Super Bowl contender, especially not in late December, but those were the words flowing from the mouths of New England Patriots players Sunday after their lackluster 23-16 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.


They tore into themselves, and I'm sure coach Bill Belichick gave it to them even worse than that.


Super Bowl? If they don't get it together, they might be one and done in the playoffs -- even with Tom Brady at quarterback.


That thought seemed unimaginable two weeks ago when the Patriots blew out the Houston Texans to stake a claim as the NFL's best team, but then they lost at home last week to San Francisco and then had to hold on for dear life Sunday to beat a Jacksonville team that is now 2-13 and may be the league's worst team.

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