Seahawks Make Mincemeat Out of 49ers

Seahawks Make Mincemeat Out of 49ers

So this is what a Jim Harbaugh team looks like when it's overmatched, under-prepared and embarrassed for every millisecond of a high-magnitude game.

We'd never seen the 49ers get humiliated like this in the two-year Harbaugh tenure, not until Sunday night.

We've never seen them humbled.

We'd never watched the 49ers lose every one-on-one match up, lose the strategic contest, and lose all control of every aspect of the game.

Not until Seattle beat the 49ers to the first punch on Sunday and kept on pummeling until the end, finishing with a 42-13 demolition at CenturyLink Field.

Flat out, this was the worst loss of Harbaugh's 49ers career--by the most points, at the worst time, against Seattle coach Pete Carroll, Harbaugh's long time bitter rival.

And for the first time since Harbaugh's arrival last year, the 49ers' performance opened their coach up to several major second-guesses.

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