Grace-Oozing Tebow Must Learn Selfishness

Grace-Oozing Tebow Must Learn Selfishness

It has been an important life lesson for Tim Tebow, spending a year at the bottom of the barrel, a year with Rex Ryan and the New York Jets. Ryan and Tebow were never going to be a good mix, like oil and walking-on-water.

Tebow learned, finally, that sometimes you have to be selfish. It is the only way to survive in this world. Sorry if that’s not the best Christmas message. But Tebow had done everything Ryan had asked all year, bulking up, even playing special teams. He did it without complaint. And when Tebow’s time came, and Ryan finally realized that Mark Sanchez can’t play quarterback, he still didn’t get his turn. Ryan passed over him for some third-string guy.

Tebow reportedly refused to play in the wildcat offense on Sunday. That doesn’t make his good-guy bit a fraud. No, it just moves him from 1950s black and white to 2012 reality. From here, Tebow can leave the Jets and continue to be a good-guy, but just do it in less of Disney-fied way.

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