NFL About to Feel Lack of Coordination

NFL About to Feel Lack of Coordination

It's been, all in all, a good year for NFL coaches.

In an era of limited-to-no-job security for them, not a single head coach was let go in-season, and only three coordinators were fired (Baltimore offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, Tennessee offensive coordinator Chris Palmer and Philadelphia defensive coordinator Juan Castillo). Given just how awful some of these units have been to watch in 2012, that has to pass as restraint in this day and age.

But make no mistake, more changes are coming. And I'm not even talking about the inevitable carnage that comes when head coaches begin to get fired, which leads to their entire staffs being let go in most instances. From what I am hearing, it sounds like a half dozen are probably going to be let go during Black Monday, and another handful will trickle out throughout the following days and week.

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