NHL Lockout a Distant Cousin of Fiscal Cliff

NHL Lockout a Distant Cousin of Fiscal Cliff

There are some people in this world that live for the thrill of the chase, the thrill of competition, and the thrill of bringing your rivals to their knees.

Enter the NHL Lockout and the so-called Fiscal Cliff crises.

As 2012 winds down, all the financial media outlets are obsessed with fiscal cliff coverage.  And with good reason, as some predict that a combination of large tax increases and spending cuts will send the U.S.’s fragile economic recovery back towards recession.  That December’s consumer confidence index fell to its lowest mark in 5 months suggests that consumer concern is real.

Similarly worrisome for those of us proud enough to call ourselves puckheads is whether the NHL is headed for a fate similar to what the league experienced in 2004-05 when they became the first major professional sports league in North America to miss an entire season because of a labor dispute.

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