For All His Words, Reid a Man of Mystery

For All His Words, Reid a Man of Mystery

"Philadelphia is a place to park and change your socks."

-Jim Murray

Andy Reid loves to write and loves the written word - although not necessarily those distributed on a daily basis in this particular city. At one time, before deciding that being a football coach was his career path, Reid thought he might pursue becoming a sportswriter.

Encouraged by a high school typing teacher as a means of learning the keyboard, Reid began keeping a detailed personal journal in 11th grade and it is a habit he still maintains. He was a great fan of Jim Murray, the brilliant, acerbic Los Angeles Times sports columnist and, for a short while, Reid had a semi-regular column in the Provo Daily Herald when he was a student at BYU.

Like the rest of us, Reid experimented with writing in Murray's style, and, also like the rest of us, he found it's a lot easier to walk the wire if your name happens to be Wallenda. "The editors took it easy on me," Reid once said.

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