It's Never Felt This Good to Be Chris Bosh

It's Never Felt This Good to Be Chris Bosh

MIAMI -- While the rest of his teammates stood behind a row of tables two days before Thanksgiving, handing out food to needy families just blocks away from AmericanAirlines Arena, Chris Bosh found a more interactive way to participate.


He sat at a table with a group of children for a mean game of Uno.


"This is serious," Bosh said before turning back toward a group of youngsters that quickly went from awed by Bosh to focused on beating him.


Bosh doesn't appear the slightest bit troubled.


He's free, happy.


He seems concerned only with helping underprivileged families both at this Heat-sanctioned event and at his own foundation's Thanksgiving event later that evening.


It's always been good to be Chris Bosh. Just never this good.


He's not inundated by mockery everywhere he looks, which is very different.


And he's not bothered by much of anything. At least not over the past six months or so.

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