Tebow Deserves Better Than Jags' Freak Show

Tebow Deserves Better Than Jags' Freak Show

Tim Tebow is the NFL's bearded lady, a circus act in need of a circus, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the league's most financially beleaguered franchise. Add the obvious geographical connection -- Tebow was a high school and college legend within an hour's drive of Jacksonville -- and you have a match made in Ringling Bros. heaven.


You'd also have the most cynical manipulation of Tebow yet, a struggling circus finding a freak show to draw a crowd. Gawkers spend money too, you know, and that would be the Jaguars' new target audience if they do in fact trade for Tebow, as sources near and far expect them to do.


Tebow deserves better, and by "better" I am in fact suggesting he deserves to be run out of the league before being used by the Jaguars, or any team, to make a cheap buck.

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