Words on Whiteboard: Newtown's Not Alone

Words on Whiteboard: Newtown's Not Alone

NEWTOWN — Steve George had used that whiteboard to diagram his plays. He had used it to draw X's and O's to score on Oxford. He had used it to draws X's and O's to defend against Masuk.


He never dreamed he would use that whiteboard in his classroom to address the president of the United States.


George thought he knew disappointment the night of Nov. 28 when Norwich Free Academy came into Blue and Gold Stadium and hammered his previously unbeaten Newtown football team 63-21 in the state Class LL playoffs.

George got a phone call from the high school on Dec. 15, a day after the unimaginable happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Secret Service had arrived, and he was needed to clear some cars his technology class had been working on from the school parking lot.


After removing the cars, George went into his classroom that Saturday. Desks had been removed. Cable had been brought in, AT&T was setting up phone lines.


"We kind of put two and two together," George said.

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