Boxer's Words to Live By: 'Fear Is Unnecessary'

Boxer's Words to Live By: 'Fear Is Unnecessary'

Every day is great — it's a day extra.


Fighting is all I ever knew. I started out at seven, fighting in the street, fighting to give a few bucks to my father to help pay the rent. You fight to get what you want.


I told the producer that I wanted to play myself in the movie. Raging Bull. The producer said, "Jake, you're not the type." Good thing there's a Robert De Niro.


Most people aren't good or bad. They're naive.


I was able to convince my body that I could take it and nobody could hurt me. I might've gotten cut, stitches over my eyes. Broken nose. Broken hands. But I never really got hurt.


I fought Sugar Ray Robinson so many times, it's a wonder I don't have diabetes.


Sugar Ray was the greatest fighter who ever lived. He had more than a hundred fights without a loss. I was the first to beat him. We fought six times. You don't fight six times unless they're close.


Lot of guys can take punches. The idea is not to take unnecessary punishment. I explain taking a punch this way: In baseball, when someone throws a hardball at you and you don't have a glove, if you want to catch it, your palm moves back with the ball at the last second. That slight movement saves you from taking a hard blow. If you move the same way when a fist comes at you, it takes away more than 50 percent of the power. The secret is to move with the punch.


Fear is unnecessary.




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