Have Sled and Sticks, Ready for Hockey

Have Sled and Sticks, Ready for Hockey

NEWINGTON, Conn. — Back on her wheelchair and in the dressing room with her teammates, Sara Tabor said it had not been such a bad day on the ice. Her team, the Rangers, had lost twice, but she scored a goal after nearly bowling over a goaltender with her sled.

She laughed when she said opponents grumbled that she should have been called for a penalty, but she already knew that the referees rarely penalize the few women in the Northeast Sled Hockey League. Levels the playing field, you know.


“I play really aggressive hockey,” said Tabor, who lives on Long Island and works in Manhattan. “They’ll say: ‘She’s a girl! Why does she get to hold?’ The refs never call anything. You get in guys’ heads.”


Tabor, 31, is in her rookie season with a sled-hockey team sponsored, in part, by the N.H.L.’s Rangers, which explains why players wear red, white and blue sweaters.


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