On Great Ride, Clippers Can't Stop Now

On Great Ride, Clippers Can't Stop Now

Of course the Clippers are good. They were supposed to be. No one could have seen 14 wins in a row coming with a lineup reduced by injury, but 53 to 55 wins, top four in the West with the Thunder, Spurs and another Staples Center tenant, two All-Star starters, an MVP candidate at point guard, and arguably the best depth in the league were all fair reads from the beginning.

The 22-6 record jumps out because of the sparkle: The longest win streak in the league in 2012-13, the NBA’s best record as late as Christmas for the first time in franchise history. The fact that it’s such a contrast – the Clippers! – is an obvious attention-getter as well.

Now let’s see what they’ve really got.

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