Vultures Shame Selves in Tebow Criticism

Vultures Shame Selves in Tebow Criticism

After years of swirling around Tim Tebow, the vultures now have something else to pick on.

It's barely a scrap, if that, for holier-than-Tebow critics who have been foaming at the mouth to dig up a granule of dirt on the man ever since he announced he was still a virgin.

So as reports surfaced that Tebow informed New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan that he didn't want to be a part of the wildcat offense in Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers, apparently angry at being passed over for the starting quarterback job in place of maligned Mark Sanchez, the vultures closed in.

He's a "fraud," a "loser" and, as ESPN's Merril Hoge declared, is as "phony as a three-dollar bill."

Never mind that reports of Tebow's insubordination all came via secondhand, unnamed sources or that Ryan wouldn't confirm the story. One reported moment of a frustrated quarterback is enough for some to assassinate the character of a man who has proven time and time again to be as standup a human being as there is in a world where more and more sitting down is encouraged and celebrated.

Tebow set the record straight Wednesday, telling the New York Daily News that he never said he wouldn't play.

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