A Hater's Guide to NFL Playoffs

A Hater's Guide to NFL Playoffs

Welcome back to the NFL Pregame Flyover, the only NFL column that is not edited for accuracy.

Before we get to this week’s schedule of games – and tell you which games are Probably worth watching, which games are of Questionable worth, Doubtful worth, and no worth – I need to find a new rooting interest for the remainder of the 2012 season because my own team, Pittsburgh, has stopped playing meaningful football. 

I love the playoffs. But I can’t watch any game unless I have a rooting interest. How I establish a rooting interest is by determining which players, coaches and fan bases I hate the most – and then I root for their opponent. Does that make me a hater? Yes it does. But it beats being the opposite, which requires you to find something loveable about players, coaches and fan bases with whom you are largely unfamiliar. How exhausting. Better to base things on snap, prejudicial judgments that take less time.

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