Broncos Have Buzz, But Watch Out for Pats

Broncos Have Buzz, But Watch Out for Pats

It takes 16 games over four months for the NFL to divide the haves from the have-nots. Then the six-team AFC playoff field is set, and by all appearances, they can divvy up the haves from have-nots again.

"I think you can put these six teams into three groups," said Charley Casserly, who helped construct the Washington Redskins' Super Bowl-winning teams of 1982, 1987 and 1991. "You have the top three teams — Houston, Denver and New England. Then you have Baltimore. Then you have your two wild-card teams."

Allow the Broncos to serve as the equator to this season's AFC tournament. The Broncos fell behind by at least 20 points to Houston and New England this season before making the final score respectable.

But the Broncos also thumped the Baltimore Ravens, who currently have the AFC's No. 4 playoff seed, and the Cincinnati Bengals, who are locked in at No. 6, on the road.

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