Money Rules in Conference Realignment

Money Rules in Conference Realignment

After a bit of a lull, conference realignment has resurfaced. Rutgers and Maryland are joining the Big Ten, and the so-called Catholic 7 (Georgetown, Seton Hall, St. John's, Providence, Villanova, DePaul and Marquette) are leaving the Big East.

Very few people in college sports expect the instability to stop. As's Pete Thamel wrote recently: "All of the schools at 14 are peering suspiciously at each other, calculating who will make the next move. The most likely candidate is Jim Delany of the Big Ten, who just made a blatant television market play by grabbing Rutgers and Maryland."

From 2002-03 to 2012-13, 25 percent of Division I members changed conferences or announced their intention to switch leagues, leaving fans either numb or needing a scorecard to keep up. It's worth noting there has always been conference movement. Nineteen percent of Division I schools in 1992-93 had switched conferences by 2002-03.

What's different now are more high-profile schools from major conferences are realigning.

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