Sons Shining for Indiana's Favorite Sons

Sons Shining for Indiana's Favorite Sons

Thirty years ago — yes, it’s been 30 years — they were the high school basketball equivalent of Picasso and Van Gogh.

Each in their unmistakable style, Steve Alford and James Blackmon covered the state in points during the 1982-83 season, setting single-season marks that still rank in the top 10 all time. They dueled against one another for four years in the heyday of the North Central Conference, Alford at New Castle and Blackmon at Marion, developing a friendly rivalry and mutual respect that carries on today.

“When you say 30 years, it makes it seem like a really long time ago,” Blackmon said recently. “But it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago.”

In fact, this season may feel like 1983 again as the sons of Alford and Blackmon are now the athletes posting huge numbers, each averaging nearly 40 points per game. The only difference three decades later is that they are separated by 1,400 miles instead of just 60.

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