Field of Guns a Glimpse of Future

Field of Guns a Glimpse of Future

The last thing a pair of high school football coaches, a fifth-grade math teacher and a sixth-grade principal ever thought they would have to consider is adding a gun permit to their skill set.


From Arlington Martin football coach Bob Wager: "Could I see me having a gun in my office in the next whatever period of time? Unfortunately, horrifically, yes. My hope would be that [the gun] would be the deterrent from keeping situations [like Newtown, Conn.] from happening.


"I can't believe we are having this conversation."




Of the four educators I spoke to for this column -- Wedgwood sixth-grade school principal Kelli Taulton, Westcliff fifth-grade math teacher Doug Mocek, Arlington Bowie football coach Kenny Perry and Wager -- all felt an inevitability that educators will eventually have access to a gun at their school in the future.


"Does that mean I go out on the field and coach with a gun on my hip?" Wager asked. "I don't know the answer, or the proper solution. This isn't a cop-out. I don't know and, when I do, I change my mind. The entire scenario is frightening and saddening."



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