Howard Takes Responsibility for Actions

Howard Takes Responsibility for Actions

Dwight Howard wasn't happy with the NBA for fining him $35,000. He was also unhappy with himself.


"I've got to do a better job of keeping my composure, not getting frustrated, and also remember to play for my teammates at all times and stay on the right path," the Lakers center said Friday. "I've just got to continue to play through it, whatever it is, if the calls go my way or not my way. I've just got to find ways to affect the game and not let the game affect me."


Howard was hit with the fine a day after smacking Denver's Kenneth Faried on a third-quarter drive in the Lakers' 126-114 loss Wednesday. Howard was assessed a flagrant foul 2 and ejected.


On Friday he wasn't done with his self-critique.


"I've been a victim of that for a while, sucking into the calls -- me not getting calls -- so I'm frustrated and I watch other guys get calls," he said. "I can't allow it to affect me in a negative way to where I'm not playing hard and not doing what I can do and just dominate. When I allow those petty things to get to me, then it affects my teammates and we lose games."


"It was a lot for a foul," Howard said of the fine. "I'm happy I didn't get suspended. That's the biggest thing. Disappointed to be kicked out of the game. It's never happened since I've been in the NBA."

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