MLB's Wild-Card Winner-Take-All Pure Genius

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It was a day born out of one of the best baseball has ever had. That day was Sept. 28, 2011.


Remember? Four games settled two playoff berths. Two of them went extra innings. Another was a bottom of the ninth walk-off.


The Red Sox let a 3-2 ninth-inning lead -- and a playoff berth -- slip away in Baltimore. The Rays overcame a 7-0 deficit to clinch one against the Yankees. The Braves allowed a 3-1 lead to turn into a 13-inning elimination loss.


Baseball was so good that day, so tense and so exciting, that a lot of people were left exhausted, sitting and staring at their television sets, unsure if they'd just seen all that happen.


That day was so much fun that Major League Baseball decided to see if it could be...

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