RG3 Leads By Example to March 'Skins

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He came in with a plan, and the plan was to have no plan, or at least not one that was obvious. In the NFL, they can sniff out a wannabe-leader, a bold-faced climber, a fraud from a mile away. All the way back in the spring, Robert Griffin III knew he wanted to make the Washington Redskins his team, that he needed to do so — to mold it to his will — in order to take the franchise where he wanted to take it.


But he had to do it the right way — slowly, organically, respectfully. Eventually, undoubtedly, he would become the Redskins’ leader, but it couldn’t be his call.

Griffin, the son of two retired Army sergeants, had come into the Redskins’ organization as the equivalent of a five-star general — with a $21.1 million contract and four...

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