LSU Settles for Bowl Leftovers

LSU Settles for Bowl Leftovers

ATLANTA -- This feels like a BCS Bowl, looks like a BCS Bowl, even smells like a BC... well, OK, this bowl smells like it was pressure-cooked in 100 percent refined peanut oil and lovingly served on a toasted bun with pickle.

No matter how they dress this one up, and it certainly seems pretty, you can’t fool the LSU Tigers, who were a big deal in college football roughly a year ago when they saw action in a real BCS bowl. Actually, the ultimate BCS bowl.

So instead of playing for a national title again, they’re trying their best to appear peachy here in Atlanta, where their ticket for Monday's Chick-fil-A Bowl was punched by Alabama. And speaking of getting punched, what would the state of Tiger Nation be right now had LSU beaten Bama the last two times they played, as opposed to slightly fractured and humbled?

1) They’d be defending BCS champions.

2) They’d be, most likely, playing Notre Dame for the chance of doubling their pleasure.

3) Les Miles would be getting the Nick Saban treatment right now, hailed as the almighty god of college coaches who not only walks on water, but invented it.

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