Suspensions Threatened to Shake Up Mavs

Suspensions Threatened to Shake Up Mavs

Patience in Big D is running as thin as Mark Cuban‘s wallet back when he could barely afford to holler at the refs from the nosebleed section.

After another blowout loss Sunday night, a 111-86 pasting by the San Antonio Spurs, desperate Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, one week after ripping his club’s effort in a 38-point trouncing at San Antonio, spoke of implementing radical steps, specifically suspending under-performing players, as a means to jolt his reeling team.

“I’ve got to be inventive and find ways. I don’t have a better answer than that,” Carlisle said. “In the last week, I’ve literally had to scream in the face of two guys in practices and shootarounds to get the point across. And I will do that and I will continue to do that."

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