After Easy Month, Clippers Got Clipped

After Easy Month, Clippers Got Clipped

Yes, they did beat the Nuggets in LA back on Christmas. But that was a whipped Denver team which, no thanks to the heartless schedule-makers, played twice as many games on the road as they did at home. On Tuesday the Nuggets took control early and easily, raised the lead to 19 points, saw McGee swish a three at the third-period buzzer and won 92-78 without Ty Lawson.

The Clippers were surely going to get ambushed anyway during this current stretch of games, if not by Denver then surely the frisky and improved Warriors, who see the Clippers twice, or maybe the reinvigorated Lakers on Friday.

Anyway, now that they’ve come back to earth, what have we learned about the team that looked very un-Clipper-like for over a month?

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