Robinson's Bittersweet Michigan Finale

Robinson's Bittersweet Michigan Finale

AMPA -- The epilogue of Denard Robinson's Michigan career resembled far too many of the preceding chapters, walking off the field defeated against a formidable, highly ranked opponent.

After accepting the congratulations and appreciation of friends and foes, Robinson removed the winged helmet from his head one final time and formally walked into the pantheon of "What might have been?"

What might have been -- had Brady Hoke and offensive coordinator Al Borges employed Robinson and quarterback Devin Gardner the last two seasons as they effectively used them in the Outback Bowl on Tuesday?

What might have been -- had Hoke exhibited the same flexibility in personnel and daring in play-calling as he did against South Carolina when the Wolverines played in games with actual national ramifications over the last two years?

Perhaps they would've played for something more than simply pride in Robinson's collegiate finale.

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