Louisville Bridges Chasm, Shocks Florida

Louisville Bridges Chasm, Shocks Florida

Teddy Bridgewater once thought of playing football at the University of Florida. Given how thoroughly Louisville’s quarterback shredded UF in the Sugar Bowl on Wednesday, the Gators probably wished he had.

With Muhammad Ali looking on at the Superdome, the sophomore from Miami helped the Cardinals deliver an upset that was every bit as shocking as the boxer’s knockout of Sonny Liston four decades earlier, embarrassing No. 4 Florida, 33-23.

The “Louisville Lip,” who wore Bridgewater’s No. 5 jersey onto the field for the pregame coin flip, must have been pleased.

Given that the Cardinals were listed as two-touchdown underdogs to the Gators, Bridgewater complained beforehand that “People consider the Big East the Big Least.”

Not anymore they don’t.

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