Fiesta Win Shows Oregon Is More Than Kelly

Fiesta Win Shows Oregon Is More Than Kelly

The Chip Kelly National Convention was just about all wrapped up. The football game was long over. The music had stopped playing. The photo ops were finished. The candidate coach already had accepted the Fiesta Bowl championship trophy, said a few words into the microphone, and grinned at all the cries of, "FOUR MORE YEARS!" from the electors dressed in yellow and green.

Go home, everyone. It's all done and over for the University of Oregon and Coach Visor, right?

Except, here came Kelly rushing down the corridor of the University of Phoenix Stadium 15 minutes later, leading an entourage toward the postgame media news conference. He had running back Kenjon Barner trailing him, and freshman quarterback Marcus Mariota behind that. Also, Nike founder Phil Knight was hurrying along, trying to keep up. And former Duck Ahmad Rashad was somewhere in there, too. And actor Ty Burrell, better known as Phil Dunphy from "Modern Family" was going stride for stride. And in that moment like that, it hits you square between the eyes.

Kelly was right -- a football program should never be about one guy.

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