Johnny Football's Fabulous Finale

Johnny Football's Fabulous Finale

ARLINGTON, Tex. -- There are no answers, only unanswerable questions.

Johnny Manziel is a human riddle, a Rubik’s Cube, a puzzle with one piece missing from the box, all wrapped into one freshman package, one Heisman Trophy winner, one quarterback who needed only four months to alter the course of Texas A&M football.

Oklahoma never stood a chance.

“Johnny Manziel is everything he was billed to be,” Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said.

What’s a defense to do? Blitz him? Texas A&M may have the best offensive line in the country, and he’ll probably escape anyway. Drop defenders deep in coverage? He’ll take off running or get so much time to throw that a receiver will inevitably get open. There is nothing you can do, certainly nothing Oklahoma could have done Friday night in the Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium.

Texas A&M won 41-13. Manziel rewrote just about every Cotton Bowl record he could. He had one of the best games you’ll ever see, and Oklahoma never came close to solving him.

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