Postseason Road Not Kind to Seahawks

Postseason Road Not Kind to Seahawks

The Seahawks left for Washington, D.C., on Friday afternoon, their route to the airport lined by fans. Estimated time of arrival: 11 p.m. Eastern, giving the Seahawks a full day's head start on the team's last road playoff victory.

That rare victory was on Dec. 31, 1983, when a flight delay stalled the Seahawks' trip to Miami to the point the team didn't arrive at its hotel until after midnight. Half a day later, the Seahawks took the field as a road-weary underdog and upset the Dolphins, scoring 10 points in a 22-second span in the fourth quarter for a 27-20 victory in the franchise's first road playoff game.

Twenty-nine years later, it remains the only time the Seahawks have won on the road in the postseason.

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