2013 Heisman Race: Manziel vs. Clowney

2013 Heisman Race: Manziel vs. Clowney

Blame Johnny Manziel and Jadeveon Clowney for doing the impossible. After the usual 143 bowl games, they have actually left us craving more. By "us," I mean everybody except the Stoops brothers and Vincent Smith's helmet.

The latter is still rolling around Raymond James Stadium. Hopefully with Smith's head not inside after Clowney nearly decapitated Michigan's tailback in the Outback Bowl.

The former are Oklahoma coach Bob and defensive coordinator Mike. The only things spinning faster than Smith's helmet were the Stoops boys' eyes as Manziel went wild in Dallas.

"He's virtually unstoppable," Bob said.

By everything except the calendar, that is. The thrills are on hold until late August, but Manziel and Clowney have spring-boarded us into a new dimension.

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