Blame Arsenal Woes on 'Socialist Model'

Blame Arsenal Woes on 'Socialist Model'

Take Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger's recent public defence of the pay structure employed at the North London club.


"We pay well. We pay very well,” said Wenger ahead of Sunday’s thrilling FA Cup third-round tie away to Swansea City. “I’ve spent all my life making sure people who work for us are paid well and I believe if you can do it, you do it.”


Wenger said that his philosophy was “to pay something that makes sense and is defendable in front of every single player”, adding: “We make exceptions sometimes but they are not maybe so high. If you want to keep making profit you have to respect that.”


So far, so sensible. Indeed, it is something of a perversion and a disturbing sign of our times that Wenger is derided so readily for his frugality while the likes of Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour write out cheques that would make your nose bleed in order to keep their financially-doped toys in West London and Manchester on life support. Is it really Wenger that is ‘out of touch’ for spending within the means of his club? The anti-austerity movement could do worse than recruiting from Britain’s terraces it seems.

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