Don't Bother Saying You're Sorry, Lance

Don't Bother Saying You're Sorry, Lance

Lance Armstrong owes so many apologies, he could be paying off the debt longer than he ruled the sport of cycling. They’ll need to be delivered individually to all of the people he tried to silence -- former teammates, competitors and friends who had to endure the ruthless tactics of a gangster in yellow polyester.

But there is one apology that Armstrong shouldn’t bother uttering. He cannot say he’s sorry for using performance-enhancing drugs. If he wants to confess, as reported on Friday by The New York Times, he has to leave it at that. The trained-seal routine for celebrities caught in a scandal won’t work here.

He doesn’t want forgiveness for his pharmaceutical adventures.

He wants his old life back. He wants to compete in sanctioned triathlons. He wants to return to the leadership of his cancer foundation. He wants to matter again.

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