Enjoy the Win, Ravens - Broncos Are Next

Enjoy the Win, Ravens - Broncos Are Next

BALTIMORE -- Baltimore's Anquan Boldin said he's "really looking forward" to playing Denver again, and "was hoping" to see the Broncos one more time before this season was over. So as he gets his wish, there's something I'd like to ask.

Denver? Really? You must be kidding.

Baltimore doesn't have a chance against these guys. OK, so it has a chance ... but not much of one. Denver not only destroyed the Ravens three weeks ago, it did it in Baltimore where the Ravens lose about as often as it snows in San Francisco. Only this game's in Denver, where Denver hasn't lost since September ... and this game is against an opponent that hasn't lost, period, in over three months.

So why in the world would Boldin -- or anyone, for that matter -- want to see Peyton Manning, Von Miller, Champ Bailey ... you name it ... at 5,000 feet when you just got torched by them?

"Just because we lost to them," said Boldin.

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