Huh? What? Oh, Right, NHL Is Back On

Huh? What? Oh, Right, NHL Is Back On

The narrative has been interrupted. That is the problem the National Hockey League has to face now. The book that we all started to read a long while ago was misplaced -- OK, hidden away by a bunch of lawyers and cost accountants, and now we have forgotten the characters and the plot lines involved in the big story, can’t remember the heroes and villains, the building drama that attracted us in the first place.


Who wrote that purloined letter?


Who was wearing that pair of Bruno Magli shoes on the night of the murder?


Who won the Stanley Cup to finish the 2011-2012 season?


The natural progression of events has been knocked out of kilter by the 113 recorded days of the lockout. The idea that we can return to the story, pick up where we left off, simply because the owners and the players' association have finally finished their little dance around a sports-page version of the fiscal cliff is a bit misguided. Listen up boys: We haven’t been paying full attention while everybody has been away.

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