Neither Side Won in NHL Labor Battle

Neither Side Won in NHL Labor Battle

It seems peace has been declared in the NHL Lockout. Not victory – only an idiot would think in those terms.

But the real issue now is not who got closer to their wish list filled (probably the NHL Players Association in that the owners found out they couldn’t kill Don Fehr, which was their home run), but the body count. Specifically:

•       How angry advertisers will be over the fact that it took so long for the two sides to understand that the deal is more important than the posturing.

•       How angry NBC will be over being held hostage at a time when its new sports network needed all the quality programming it could get.

•       How much more prestige/respect/tolerance Gary Bettman has lost for willingly being the owners’ abuse magnet.

•       How many fans decide to withhold their wallets, and for how long?

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