San Diego State Belongs in East or West?

San Diego State Belongs in East or West?

Decisions, decisions.


San Diego State suddenly finds itself back in the market for a sports conference, barely a year after announcing it would leave the Mountain West next summer for the Big East in football and Big West in everything else.


Technically, nothing has changed; SDSU is still leaving the Mountain West after the current academic year. In reality, everything has.


Boise State, its western partner in the jump to the Big East, announced it is staying in the Mountain West, and even SDSU athletic director Jim Sterk — after months of steadfastly, even stubbornly, saying his school was committed to the Big East — conceded in a statement that the news “represents a significant change in conference alignment.”


So now what? Stay in the Mountain West? Or go it alone into uncharted territory?


Neither choice is particularly enticing, at least compared to what could have been.

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