Clueless Blatter Out of Line to Rip MLS

Clueless Blatter Out of Line to Rip MLS

In many ways, FIFA president Sepp Blatter is a walking contradiction.

As recently as Monday at the Ballon d'Or gala in Zurich, Blatter yielded his latest material, praising AC Milan's Kevin-Prince Boateng for his courage to walk off the field amid racist fan chants just days after he said that Boateng's course of action was the wrong one to take.

In November 2011, Blatter blindly claimed to CNN that "there is no racism" in soccer, only to see the following year be riddled with controversial, racism-sparked episodes that continue to mar The Beautiful Game.

He claims to be attempting to rid the game of corruption, but he oversees an organization that is oftentimes synonymous with it. He expresses his desire to grow the women's game across the world, then belittles the gender and maintains his male chauvinistic ways. Last January, he equated the International Olympic Committee to a "housewife" because "she receives some money, and she spends some money." Seven years earlier, he suggested that female players should wear tighter shorts.

So who knows what Blatter really intended to say when he slammed Major League Soccer last week for failing to live up to its promise and potential as a mainstream sport in 18 years as America's top-flight league. Unfortunately, because he happens to be the head of world soccer's governing body, it matters.

There are a number of more clinical terms in the DSM-IV that could likely more accurately describe Blatter, but based on his most recent critical comments, three words come to mind: Ignorant, misinformed and naive.

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