Griffin's Knee, Future Prospects Clouded

Griffin's Knee, Future Prospects Clouded

Hindsight is 20/20 except in Washington, where apparently the MRI machines aren’t in focus, because Robert Griffin III is leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when he’ll be back again. He’s Pensacola-bound Tuesday to be “examined” by Dr. James Andrews.

This is not good news. Andrews was in Washington on Sunday. Griffin was in Washington on Sunday. There were wonderful hospitals in Washington on Sunday, as there are every other day of the week. But the MRI exam taken of Griffin was open to interpretation, according to Coach Mike Shanahan, and Andrews was needed at the national championship game Monday night in Miami. So they’re all Pensacola-bound. Perhaps they have a Magic Resonance Imaging machine there. That would be nice.

It was difficult to distinguish between old and new injuries on MRI taken here, it seems. Maybe Andrews left his good eyeglasses back in the office. Although hundreds of thousands of medical degrees have been issued in Washington since Sunday night’s game ended, Andrews has had his longer, so fine, let him take a good, close look. Even when we finally learn the answer to the big question — how bad is it? — a million little ones will remain, leaving Washington Redskins fans right back where they’ve been so many Januarys before: second-guessing, what-if-ing and finger pointing. If you thought this offseason would be different, think again.

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